Social Media

To advertise or not to advertise? That is the question.


Have you ever had someone say to you "Just run a Facebook ad and bring in new customers!"? 

A lot of the business owners we've worked with have been given this advice and wound up trying paid advertising on their own. Often times, they wound up bashing Facebook ads because they never saw a return on ad spend.

Facebook ads require strategic planning and a lot of effort to create a profitable campaign. However, advertising on Facebook and Instagram is still one of the best ways to reach more customers in your area with an offer!

With detailed targeting and a strategically crafted offer, we can keep your spending low and your returns high.

Our Methodology

At Entrust Marketing we handle all aspects of your advertising campaigns. We start by sitting down with you and developing the offer you want to promote to the market and what types of customers you want to learn about your business. 

Armed with this information, we get to work creating the ad campaign from scratch. From the image or video we show in the ad, to the copy, to the detailed targeting information needed to make your ad a winning one. 

We focus on bringing you back an insane amount of value when you choose to use us for your advertising needs. 

The platforms that we can currently handle advertisements on are Instagram and Facebook. 

Due to the varying complexity involved with creating advertisements, we choose to give each business a quote on this service rather than package-style pricing. 

We also offer complimentary services like email marketing, web development, etc. to ensure your ad campaign is as successful as possible for your business.

How to get started


If you're interested in getting a quote on an ad campaign, please click the "Contact Us" button below.