Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Don't make your customers play Hide and Seek with your business online.

Search Engine Optimization, also known by the acronym SEO, is the technical term for how sites like Google connect you to the things you’re looking for every day.


With so many sites on the internet, search engines are constantly evolving the way they rank the results you get in an attempt to give people exactly what they were searching for.


This process involves algorithms and a lot of technical data that most people are unaware of. Many small business owners have heard of SEO but aren’t sure how to go about getting their business to rank better in search results. That’s why they turn to experts like us. 

Search Engine Optimization is often a long process, as it takes time to update, edit, and create new content for the search engines to crawl and rank. 

Our Methodology

By starting with learning with your business and the search terms you want to rank on the first page of Google for, we'll be able to create a list of keywords to incorporate into new content for your website, while also updating your current website to ensure you're relevant for the right search terms for your business.

We take a content-based approach to our SEO rather than building irrelevant backlinks. We create high-quality, authoritative content that looks great to both consumers and search engines, ensuring your business is always on Google's good side. 

We don't completely neglect backlinks, however. We still ensure your business has quality links pointing to it from other relevant sites that will help to build your online credibility with Google. We just spend the majority of time creating content and updating your current website to ensure your website has a high domain authority.

How to get started

Our SEO packages start at $750 per month, and our prices increase depending on how large the population is of the area you want to rank for. A larger area creates more competition, and ultimately more work.

For a more accurate quote for SEO for your business, please contact us today!