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We're a Digital Marketing Agency located in Tacoma,Washington that connects local businesses with their local communities through creative and cost-effective marketing.  

Our Services

Below is a list of services that we offer local Puget Sound businesses. These digital marketing services help you connect with your dream customers.


Social Media Management

We will build you an engaging and money making presence online one post at a time. 

Social Media Advertising

Reach local or national customers at a low-cost to increase your revenue while making the most of your marketing budget.

Search Engine Marketing

While SEO is a long process, running pay-per-click ads will get you on-top of the results right away!

Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service will help you rank for the relevant search terms related to your business.

Web Development

A website serves as the center of your overall online presence. Make sure your website isn't costing you business!

Custom Content and Graphics

We provide logos, photos, graphics, written copy, and even video to get your customers attention and deliver your messaging. 

What our clients have to say:

Bonnie, Backyard Bakery

When you start a new business there are hits and misses, but Clayton was one of the most valued components to our new business. Always responded to emails, texts, and phone calls. He had the social media understanidng we didn't have to advertise on Facebook, Instagrma, Shopify, and Square. Very grateful for the knowledgeable and courteeous help we get from Clayton."

Zach, Rempt Motor Co.

"I manage a busy independent European repair shop and Clayton came highly recommended to us. Clayton helped us connect our social media accounts. Entrust Marketing is a solid choice if you need help getting your social media advertising going—thanks Clayton!"

Katie, 1UP Floors

"Entrust Marketing is dedicated to discovering their client's needs and providing value accordingly. Clayton has been a joy to work with, consistently finding ways to engage our customer base through multiple social media avenues. As a non-tech savvy business leader I am so thankful for their direction and consistent service."

What our peers have to say:


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