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How to Market Your Automotive Business

After six years of experience, I have developed a deep understanding of the automotive industry.

I learned through my experience in the industry how to effectively market an automotive business.

I was able to combine my marketing-oriented mind with my observations to really gain a valuable understanding of how to market an automotive business.

Many of these discoveries came through hearing the pain points of customers, listening to their complaints, and through observing other companies that had great marketing teams, or really bad marketing in general.

In this article, I want to give you SIX steps you can easily implement that will immediately improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

1. Educate your Customer

Let's face it, most people don't have an in-depth knowledge of cars. Especially how to fix them.

As an automotive company, you should invest in educating your customer on the benefits of your service.

If you're a mechanic, educate your potential customers on the benefits of routine maintenance and how it saves them money in the long run.

If you're a body shop, educate your potential customers on why they should choose a reputable shop over their "buddy who can fix it for $500."

If you're a detail shop, educate your customers on the benefits of ceramic coating or waxing, depending on what you're doing these days.

It may take time out of your day to educate them, but it does produce a return on your investment.

While there may not be an immediate return on your time invested, you will indirectly benefit from your efforts.

2. Show off your work

Customers can be skeptical of the work being performed.

I'm sure we've all seen the videos and articles that go into detail about automotive shops that were caught being scam artists.

If you haven't seen those videos, take my word for it: It's bad.

To overcome this assumption that shops bill for work not performed, post photos and videos of the work you perform to show what happens when customers bring their cars in.

This will show your potential customers that you're different than those scam artists, and that you're proud of the work you do and the service you provide.

After all, would a shop that scams you want to show it on video? No.

3. Be Genuine

Creepy used car salesman. Do I need to say more?

Both your in-person and online interactions with your customers should be genuine and authentic.

When you genuinely connect with people, your brand voice is positively received and people are inclined to trust you.

4. Give a "Behind-the-Scenes" look into your business

Similar to #2, is that giving a behind the scenes look into your business is a great way to build trust.

Showing the projects you're working on, a cool car that came in, or what products you use is a really great way to both produce content and become genuine in the eyes of the customer.

A business that does low-quality work isn't going to be eager to show off the work they do or the products they use.

5. Communicate your value

If there is one thing that is consistent across the board for automotive shops, it's that consumers are very price sensitive.

Especially after quarantine is over, communicating your value is going to be the difference-maker in getting customers in the door.

Automotive services are consistently more expensive than other businesses. The skilled labor necessary to run your business isn't cheap. Parts aren't cheap. Your overhead isn't low. You don't have any option but to charge a price that keeps the lights on and food on the table for you and your employees.

As a business, you have to effectively communicate the value you bring to customers.

They may think that $1000 timing belt replacement is expensive, but it's sure a lot cheaper than a $8429 engine replacement.

We (automotive industry professionals) understand that concept, but the truth is, most people don't think of that. They see the $1000 bill or quote and quickly run from the shop. They ignore the recommendation, and then end up in a worse place.

Communicating the value of routine service and getting your customers to take action is pivotal in finding success as an automotive shop.

As an automotive business, you deserve to continue to bring value to your community through your service. Effective marketing makes this happen.

6. Prioritize Trust

One of the main elements of your marketing plan should be to build trust with your target market.

They need to trust you enough to give you their car, and their hard-earned money.

They can choose anyone to perform your service, so why should they choose you?

Building that trust makes them feel that they have a relationship with you, and an obligation to support your business.

I'll put it this way. There are absolutely ZERO negative results from having customers who trust you and your business.

Not sure you know where to begin?

The hardest step to take in turning your marketing around is the first one.

If you aren't sure where to begin, or simply feel you don't have the time or skill-set to focus on your marketing, trust Entrust Marketing with your marketing needs.

When you choose Entrust, you aren't getting someone who doesn't understand your business.

You're getting someone who understands your customer's pain points, your business model, AND how to market your business to reach your target market effectively.

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