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How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Why does quality matter so much?⁠

It's not a secret that quality matters when it comes to your business. ⁠

The product or service you supply has to be of high quality, or nobody will buy it. ⁠

The truth is, quality is just as important when it comes to your social media marketing.

We think it's because they don't understand how important that social media is.⁠

There's one fatal error we see small business owners making all the time when it comes to social media...

They don't give it the respect and effort it deserves.

Social media isn't just posting. It's storytelling, copywriting, analysis, photography, videography, editing, composition, planning, testing, and so much more. ⁠

So how do you avoid falling into that trap? Follow these simple tips:

Focus On the Quality of Your Social Media Posts

If you really want to get any return on your social media, having an emphasis on quality is a must. ⁠

So many business owners think that posting a generic photo on their Instagram or Facebook account is good enough.

New flash: It isn't.

The photo at the beginning of this article is one we posted for one of our clients. You'd agree that it's much better than a generic photo, wouldn't you?

Tell a Story With Your Posts

You may be thinking: "I hardly have enough time to post! Now I have to come up with a story when I post?!?"

Relax. It's not that complicated.

Telling a story with your social media posts isn't as complicated as it sounds. When you post, just tell the story behind the photo!

Making a cake? Tell us who it's for, what flavor it is, and maybe a little about the creative thoughts behind the design.

Fixing a car? Tell us about what you're doing to it and why that service is so important.

A picture in itself isn't compelling.

The story you tell alongside that post is what makes a post truly compelling.

Stories create emotions within viewers and readers. Pictures don't.

When in doubt, document.

Gary Vaynerchuk has frequently been quoted on his belief on social media marketing.

He always says there's a huge opportunity in just documenting the process.

We agree.

Documenting the work you do is a great way to show your work and increase the level of transparency between your business and potential customers.

Have a plan

Having a plan on what to post is wildly helpful in building a strong presence on social media!

Running a business is difficult and requires a lot of brain power.

When you can eliminate the guesswork out of what you're going to post, you're going to be able to use your energy on creating better posts for your business.

Here are some great tools you can use to help keep track of your content calendar.

Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram serve as a way to put your content in front of the right audience.

Most business owners don't know that people can actually follow hashtags to have posts with those hashtags populate on their feed on Instagram without them actually following the accounts.

How great would it be to get your posts in front of a bunch of people who aren't already following you?

For example, if you're here in Auburn, using (hashtag)auburnwa is a great way to get your posts in with people that are already posting that hashtag here in the city!

Use 3-5 relevant location based hashtags for your area to get your posts in the right locations.

Next, use 5-25 hashtags that are relevant to the content you're posting.

These can be related to the products, service, materials, ingredients, community, etc that you're posting about.

There really isn't a right answer about how many hashtags you use.

We've had posts reach thousands of people with 5-7 hashtags, and have had posts reach thousands with 25-30 hashtags.

Just make sure your hashtags are relevant and you'll see success on social media.

Bonus tip: Tag your location! People can search for locations on Instagram and will be able to see your posts!

Consult with a Marketing Agency

Most business owners shy away from ever approaching a Marketing Agency because they either don't know how they work or are afraid it will be too costly.

Here at Entrust Marketing we help local Auburn business owners figure out how to stand out on social media and come up with cost-effective marketing strategies that will help them grow their business without breaking the bank.

If you want help figuring out how to get your marketing to bring you new customers consistently, contact us today!

Thank you for reading!

We hope this post helps you gain some insight on how to improve your social media presence for your small business.

As always, send us a message if you need help or have another topic you want to see covered!

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