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Case Study: Rempt Motor Company

Back in April 2019, we began working with Rempt Motor Company. At the time of us beginning our work with them, they were just ending their contract with another social media marketing service provider.

All of the results you'll see in this article are solely from organic efforts, meaning there have been no paid advertisements run.

About Rempt Motor Company

Rempt Motor Company is an independent automotive service facility that serves the community of Auburn,Washington and surrounding areas.

RMC specializes in high-end European vehicles, but works on all makes and models for their loyal customers.

What was our goal?

The goals of our marketing were two-fold:

  1. Improve the engagement on both the Instagram and Facebook accounts that were already receiving consistent posts.

  2. Increase brand awareness without the use of paid advertisements.

So, How Did We Do?

Overall, we completely transformed the accounts of Rempt Motor Company. We both increased their engagement, but also the awareness of the brand. Here are the details:


We had great results with our Instagram posts utilizing strategically-selected hashtags and high-quality photos from inside the business.

This is a post from when the account had only 100 followers. Results like this from an account that small are amazing.

Hashtags are an incredibly powerful tool to amplify the reach of your marketing efforts for your business.

Customer Inquiries

Here at Entrust Marketing, we leverage a unique strategy of interacting with local people who fit the target demographic of the businesses we work with.

We find these people through in-depth research on the Instagram platform. Once we find them, we interact with them genuinely and consistently to form relationships, leading to messages like this without any ad spend.

Facebook Engagement

Before going into the details on these results, here's a quick explanation of the metric we are about to show-off.

Iconosquare defines engagement rate as: Page likes(follows)/Post engagements.

Iconosquare analyzed 2,810 Facebook profiles to find the average engagement rate of each industry. They found that the service industry has an average engagement rate of 19%.

So what was the engagement rate of Rempt Motor Company's Facebook page?


On a page with just over 400 followers, we had 400 engagements in the month of May 2020.

So, how did we do this?

Our strategy for Rempt Motor Company was simple, yet required a lot of effort and strategic thinking. Here's what we did:

Created A Weekly Schedule

We created a weekly content strategy to touch on all the important elements of a successful social media strategy.

  • Monday: Engage customers with a poll/question

  • Tuesday: Educate customers. This could be on a mechanical service, or just the services RMC offers.

  • Wednesday: "Wednesday's with us" to show a glimpse into the business to build trust

  • Thursday: "Thankful Thursday" showcasing a positive review for the business

  • Friday: "Fun Friday" excite customers with a cool car, great deal, or something generally found exciting at the time.

Engaged Daily

Everyday when we posted on Instagram, we took the time needed to interact with potential customers on the platform to begin forming relationships.

We did the same on Facebook, when we'd post a question, we'd interact in the comment section with respondents to form a personal relationship with them.

Studied The Analytics

The truth is that not every post that goes up is going to be a success. We absolutely had some "dud" posts. Instead of continually investing the time and testing into these posts, we took a weekly look at the analytics on both Facebook and Instagram to figure out which types of posts were most beneficial to the customers of Rempt Motor Company.

Through constant learning and testing, we were able to create a winning-strategy for the content being posted to the Rempt Motor Company social media platforms.

In Conclusion...

We're really happy with the results of our efforts with Rempt Motor Company. We're also happy to see that we are progressing well into our second year of working with them as their Social Media Manager.

If you're interested in learning how we can do this for your business, send us a message and we'll schedule a call to talk about your marketing goals.

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