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Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

How Pay-Per-Click ads work:

Search Engine Marketing, also known as Google pay-per-click ads, or even PPC, is the process of utilizing paid advertisements to rank at the top of the search engine results pages for relevant search terms.

You know when you're searching Google, and you see those listings at the top of Google that say "Ad" next to them? Well that's exactly what a pay-per-click ad is!

Just as the name suggests, you pay per "click." Unlike Facebook ads that will charge you just to be seen, Google ads will charge you based on the clicks you receive. 

Each keyword or search term has an associated cost that each click will cost you. 

Some keywords have higher competition which leads to a higher cost-per-click. Other keywords have lower search volume which leads to a lower cost-per-click.

Our Methodology

Here at Entrust Marketing we're experts at running PPC ad campaigns and can set-up a cost-effective and ROI positive Google Ad campaign for your local Seattle area business.


The great thing about pay-per-click ads is that you're getting in front of customers who are looking for your service! 

Unlike Facebook ads, you're paying for an audience that is actively searching for the service you provide, rather than just being shown your business when they don't know that they need you.


To learn more about what a Google Ad campaign would look like for your business, hit the "contact us" button below to get in touch with us today!


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